Wolf Hall Part One: Wolf Hall

Wolf Hall Part One: Wolf Hall

på Winter Garden Theatre

Pris fra 1832 kr

Part 1: Wolf Hall England, 1527. 
The court of Henry VIII is in upheaval as the King rages over his lack of a male heir. But when Henry's anger turns to passion for the alluring Anne Boleyn, the Pope refuses to grant him an annulment from his wife, Catherine of Aragon.

Into the fray steps Thomas Cromwell, a man of great ambition and humble origins who has earned himself a place in the court. Cromwell realizes that the one who gets Anne into Henry’s bed will win the highest favor of the Crown. Using charm, deception and wit, he will climb the thorny ladder of power and bring the King what he most desires.


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Winter Garden Theatre
1634 Broadway
New York

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2 Hours, 45 Minutes


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